Corporate lessons for learning Russian and Ukrainian in Kiev

Invest in your employees in order to expand your business opportunities or understand Post-Soviet culture

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Corporate lessons for learning Russian and Ukrainian in Kiev

The Slavic Education Center offers group classes of the Russian and Ukrainian languages for your company or organisation. The main feature of the corporate lessons of the Russian and Ukrainian languages in the Slavic Education Center is that all programs are practical. When you learn anything for work purposes, we know how important it is for you and your company to develop language skills and be able to track your progress.

Our goal is to teach your employees the Russian or Ukrainian language as quickly as possible according to the needs and goals of your company or organisation.

Corporate lessons is an on the job learning process. We adapt a training program for a particular task, as well as provide a supportive work environment in a team. Our experts will develop a special program and methodology, track your progress and upon completion of the course our experts will test the language skills of your employees.

The program of study of corporate Russian and Ukrainian languages includes all themes are which are necessary for your company when working with partners from Post-Soviet countries. By developing training programs for your employees we take the specifics of your company’s business into account.

This program is suitable if you:


Want to expand your business in Post-Soviet countries


Are already working with partners from Russia or Ukraine and you need staff who speak Russian


Want your employees to be able to communicate in Russian or Ukrainian to communicate with customers, participate in exhibitions, conferences and business trips

About us

Slavic Education Center – Kiev’s Center for fast and flexible Russian, Ukrainian and Polish Language Studies provided by regular classes with qualified teachers. With a foundation of five years of experience in teaching Polish and Russian as a foreign language we have built this dynamic platform to support a comfortable learning environment for each student. The Slavic Education Center provides four options to learn your preferred language: private lessons, group lessons, lessons via Skype and corporate lessons for companies. The goals of our school are to support you in learning to think, communicate and utilize your own potential in another language environment and culture.

Our method focuses on the simultaneous development of the four skills in learning language: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Our teaching is based on the communicative method with various didactic materials. The method goes beyond simply teaching students to memorize words. Rather, students will also learn the historical and cultural backgrounds of the meaning. We offer classes at a variety of levels from beginner to advanced, with topics as wide — ranging as food, films, business, history and travel.

We offer lessons at a variety of levels from beginner to advanced, with topics as wide-ranging as food, film, business, history and travel. We know you will find something for you.


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