Dmytro | Project Manager

Dmytro is a co-owner of the Slavic Education Center. Dmytro obtained his Master’s degree in Finance from the Ukrainian Academy of Banking in 2009, and in 2013 completed a one-year academic programme in Non-Profit Management at the Institute of Leadership and Management at the Ukrainian Catholic University.

More about Dmytro

Dmytro’s background includes over six years of experience in the non-governmental sector, with a focus on youth leadership development and democracy in Ukraine. In this capacity he established a strong intercultural network with American Peace Corps Volunteers and the German Action Reconciliation Service for Peace. He organised various training seminars, cultural exchanges and volunteer projects for young people, including the 2012 establishment of the Language Exchange Club Simferopol which united international and local students, university lecturers and foreign travellers into one 1200+ member community. In addition, Dmytro participated in a variety of international programs in Germany, Switzerland, India, Kenya, Uganda and Southern Sudan and has travelled to more than 20 countries.

Dmytro’s experience has provided him a deep understanding of international relations and multiculturalism. He is passionate about working with people of different nationalities, cultural and religion backgrounds. Partners describe Dmytro as a reliable, approachable and enthusiastic person who sees things from a broader perspective and maintains diverse relationships.

Tatiana | Teacher

Tatiana is a co-owner and lead teacher of the Slavic Education Center. She obtained her Master’s degree in Russian Philology: Interpreter of Russian and Polish as a Foreign Language from the Tavrida National University in 2011. After graduation Tatiana worked at the University’s Department of Slavic Philology and Journalism for two years, and began work towards obtaining her PhD in Russian Philology in 2011.

More about Tatiana

Tatiana has worked as a foreign language teacher of Polish and Russian for over 5 years. Her teaching experience includes work in two language schools, one-on-one courses and distance learning (through Skype). In 2013, she travelled to the United Kingdom to teach Russian as a foreign language and prepare British children to take GCSE exam in Russian.

Tatiana has participated in various international projects including the Youth in Action and Work and Travel programs and has travelled to more than 12 countries. This experience has provided her with significant cross cultural understanding. Her clients and partners describe Tatiana as an open-minded, careful and honest person who is inspired by her work. Tatiana not only provides her students an excellent educational structure, but she does this with warmth, allowing her students a conducive learning environment.

Oksana | Ukrainian as a foreign language teacher

Oksana graduated from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv with a specialty
in “Ukrainian Language and Literature” and obtained the qualification of philologist.
Since 2000, Oksana has been working as an associate professor (docent) of the chair of
Ukrainian and classical languages in the National University of Life and Environmental
Sciences of Ukraine. In 2008 Oksana obtained her PhD in Pedagogy.

More about Oksana

Oksana teaches Ukrainian and Russian as a foreign language to undergraduates and
graduate students from Egypt, Lebanon, Iran, China, Georgia, Azerbaijan and
Turkmenistan. Oksana is the author of research article on methodology of teaching
Ukrainian and Russian languages as foreign languages, and has co-authored
methodological manuals. In 2013 she interned at the National Pedagogical Dragomanov
University and in the Moscow Witte University in the direction of “Innovation in
teaching Ukrainian as a foreign language.”

Students describe Oksana as a responsible and creative teacher with a good sense of

Tetiana | Ukrainian as a foreign language teacher

Tetiana is a Ukrainian as a foreign language teacher in the Slavic Education Center.
She graduated with a Master’s degree in Ukrainian philology from Borys Grinchenko
Kyiv University and with a Master’s degree in Media communications from the Taras
Shevchenko National University of Kyiv in 2015.

More about Tetiana

Tetiana started to apply her knowledge of Ukrainian language from the 3rd course,
practicing in secondary schools (providing lessons for 5th, 6th and 11th grades). During this
time, she also visited English language conversation clubs with native speakers and this
became her ongoing hobby. In 2013 she received awards in two linguistic contests: Diploma for taking the 2nd place in the regional stage of the XIII International contest of Ukrainian language named after Petro Iatsyk and Diploma for taking the 3rd place in the III stage of the third International linguistic and literary competition of pupils and students named after Taras Shevchenko in 2012/2013 academic year.

Linguistic and journalistic experience has let her communicate with people from all over
the world. She now has acquaintances from 6 continents greatly expanding her

Tetiana is happy and proud to teach foreigners her native language and share
Ukrainian culture with them. She views her teaching not just as an occupation, but also as
a way of serving her country.


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